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 Server MOTD

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Randy Blythe

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PostSubject: Server MOTD   Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:19 pm

Welcome to Rush Hour Gaming - Serious RP

*Ban Appeals can be made by submitting a formal request on the forum or by contacting Randy Blythe, Vennu Malesh and/or Marshall Prince.*

Randy Blythe
Fabio Lanzoni

Head Admin;
Marshall Prince

Super Admins;
Flush Johnson

John Went
Phil Bozeman

Emmeffe Doom
Senpai Iknov

Server Rules

• All Rush Hour staff’s judgements and rulings on a situation are final. Do not argue with them or complain about the decision, if you are positive that they have made a bad decision then discuss your opinion on the ruling in a polite manner.
• No Hacking/Scripting under any circumstances.
• Black coloured physguns are banned due to the lack of visibility
• Do not disrespect or discriminate against any players on the server for whatever reason.
(Gender, Age, Race and/or anything that might be considered as irregular)
• Do not prop abuse. (Prop Spamming, Surfing, Climbing, Pushing and/or Blocking with props)
• Do not Minge/Troll/Annoy in any form.
• Do not impersonate or pretend to be any user or staff member.
• Ban evasions will result in a one day ban.
• Map or Prop exploiting will result in serious consequences.
• If a user receives more then 5 – 6 bans depending on the severity of those bans the user will be permanently banned from the server for breaching the max ban limit.
• When using the duplicator tool ensure “Spawn w/o Constraints” and “Freeze Props” is selected to avoid undue server lag.
• You are not allowed to use wire users to automatically collect money from your printers for you, this counts as an exploit and will result in severe consequences.
• You are not allowed to use wire users to collect weapons from across the map, this counts as an exploit and will result in severe consequences.
• Do not Mic spam or Chat spam for any reason. The only exception for mic spam is whilst role playing as the job class ‘Town Bum’ all other reasons will not be excused.

Role-play Rules:
• Do not Random Death Match (RDM). It is killing another play/user on the server without a valid roleplaying reason to do so. Breakage of this rule can result in serious and severe consequences.
• You must have a Role-Play name to participate in the server. A ‘Role-Play’ name is a first and last name eg. Greg Jones. Instructions to get a Role-Play name can be found at spawn.
• No spamming of the ‘OOC’ or use of inappropriate language. (Swearing, Racism, etc.)
• Do not abuse the ‘Advert’ chat and only use it for Role-Play matters.
• Do not break the New Life Rule (NLR). This rule is where when you die you immediately forget everything that happened in your previous life and you do not go anywhere near the location of where you died (keep up to two buildings away) for 5 minutes. Once the time has expired you may then return to the location of your death.
• Do not scam in any kind of transaction and do not steal during a transaction.
• All stolen printers may be kept up to 15 minutes then immediately destroyed.
• Mugging can only occur in secluded/disclosed environments. (Alleyways, Homes, etc.)
• Do not advertise other servers and/or gaming communities breakage of this rule will result in a permanent ban.
• Do not Metagame. Metagaming is when a player uses out of character information to benefit themselves in anyway in game. (Tab menu, player models, OOC, etc.)
• Do not fistwhore. (Excessive use of the weapon ‘Fists’ to damage other players)
• Do not job abuse. (Changing from one job to another in a short period of time to benefit yourself, ei: You are low on health and quickly change to a doctor to selfheal)
• Only ‘Town Bums’ are allowed to build on the sidewalk, anyone else found using a different job class and building on the sidewalk will be punished.
• You must advertise the fact that you are about raid someone through the use of the ‘advert’ chat.
• Doctors are under no circumstances are allowed to heal people during a raid or in combat.
• You are not allowed to purchase or ask for health during a raid or a combat situation.
• Max mugging amount is $500.

Base and Prop Rules:
• No invisible props are allowed for any reason what so ever.
• The only time in which you may prop block is when you have a clear “Building” sign out the front of your base.
• You must have a building sign up when building a base; otherwise you are open for raiders.
• If you have a building sign up you are not allowed to have valuables within your base.
• You are not allowed to raid another player with a building sign up outside of their base.
• Do not Megabase. (Owning more than one building)
• Only use keypads to open fading doors, nothing else.
• Kos lines are not allowed (Kill On Sight). Due to the fact that they encourage RDM and serve no other point but to be used as an excuse for killing.
• If an admin or moderator deems your base unacceptable they will remove it due to fail-rp.
• Do not spawn any props in other player’s bases without the consent.
• Do not have crouch entrances. (Forcing someone to crouch in order to enter your base).
• Do not have no-collided props. The only exception to have no-collided props is when building.
• Do not have one way props in your base. (One side being completely see through whereas the other side is not see through)
• No double dooring. (have a fading door placed right behind another fading door, the only exception is having a fading door directly behind a map placed door making sure that you do not prop block the door)
• You may only have one fading door per room. (The only exceptions are fading doors that are not used to walk through ie: gun safes, transaction boxes etc.)
• Do not abuse a hit box. (A slit or hole in your wall that your made to be able to shoot trespassers where you are able to see them but they are unable to see you)
• Keypads must be within 2 metres of the fading door they open as well as being clearly visible and not hidden at all.

Job Rules;

Police Officer/FBI/Secret Agent:
• The police officer is to obey the laws of the land, set by the mayor at all times. If seen breaking the laws of the land you will be demoted.
• Upon arresting an individual an officer must have sufficient evidence and references.
• Police officers are allowed to openly carry a firearm, but must only discharge the firearm if necessary.
• You cannot enter civilian’s homes without a warrant
• If a player refuses to submit to a weapons check, they can ONLY be arrested not killed because that would constitute RDM.
• Police officers are only allowed to fire upon someone if they are avoiding arrest for more than 2 minutes or if the player is wanted.
• Superheros are considered vigilantes and are a arrest on sight at all times.
• Police cannot kill superheroes, they can only arrest them.

Rebel leader/Godfather:
• You must be present at all raids and muggings.
• The Rebel leader cannot admit health to your gang.
• The Rebel leader cannot form an alliance (partnership) with the Godfather
• You can only raid ONCE every 10 minutes.

• The rebels are allowed to mug anyone up to $500, you cannot hold up the same player until at least 5 minutes has passed due to NLR.
• If a citizen refuses to give money, you are allowed to shoot or injure.
• You cannot raid or mug anyone without your ‘Rebel Leader’

• A hitman can only kill whoever they are contracted to have a hit for.
• You must advert HIT ACCEPTED when you accept the hit request from another player.
• You also must advert HIT COMPLETE or FAILED once the hit is over.
• A hitman cannot ask people for hits, the hitman MUST be approached.
• A hitman can only accept hits with valid role-play reasons.
• A hitman cannot base with anyone but themselves, including other hitmen.
• You may not charge more than $5000 for a hit.

• Each lockdown must have a valid reason.
• Lotteries can only be started every 5 minutes.
• Laws of the land must be reasonable and must not contradict any of the server’s rules.
• Gun licences can be sold for a maximum of $200 each.

• Do not break the law put in place by the mayor.
• Do not kill any citizens or police for any reason besides RDM.
• Respond and stop all raid calls that have been advertised.
• You are not allowed to have a base or any printers.

Thief/Pro thief:
• Thieves cannot kill anyone who is not directly involved with the raid. if you do its RDM.
• Thieves cannot raid the same place within 10 minutes.
• Thieves cannot base with anyone but themselves. They also can only base with one other thief and can only raid with one other thief.

Drug Dealer:
• Cannot have an open and public shop, you are NOT a legitimate business.
• Drug dealers must sell all products in secret and disclosed locations. (Underground, alleyways etc.)
• You may not base with anyone besides security guards.

Arms Dealers:
• Arms dealers must have a shop to sell weapons.
• Gun dealers must sell to all those who wish to buy guns.
• They cannot abuse the guns and spawn shipments for themselves. (The only exception is to arm themselves to defend the store)

Illegal Arms Dealer:
• You cannot advertise the sale of black market weapons.
• They are much like drug dealers in the way that they are not allowed to sell in open and public areas and must do all sales in secret.

Cinema Owner:
• Cinema owners cannot show obscene, racist or controversial material. (I.E Porn, drug use, violence, etc.)
• You must have a cinema set up inside a building to show any videos.
• You may charge people to watch your videos but only up to a price of $1000.

Have fun on Rush Hour Gaming Servers; if you are unclear or need clarification on any rules or roles ect, please contact a staff member as listed above.

Drafted, 20.1.14
Copyright Rush Hour Gaming 2014.
All rights reserved.
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Server MOTD
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